What is GirLAB?

Updated: Jul 4

Now, you might be asking yourself “ok, so what exactly is GirLAB? How does it function?"

Fear not! I have answers.

GirLAB is Run With The Lab’s women’s running tribe. You don’t have to be the fastest, it’s not about pace - but the women of GirLAB are performance-minded and seeking intentional growth. We believe that by giving a group of women the tools and support to unlock their own potential and grow in sport and beyond, that this can set off a chain reaction of positivity that leads to women empowering not only themselves but others within the communities around them - women, men and younger generations. Without a doubt, fostering greater support and inclusivity, better education and positivity makes the world a better place.

GirLAB offers one scholarship season each year - typically lasting 3 - 4 months. The scholarship season is composed of remote one-on-one run coaching for each athlete, a group chatroom, weekly virtual group sessions to discuss topics ranging from healthy competition to mental health to forming support structures and community offerings from GirLAB members. There are two 8 - 10 week seasons throughout the rest of the year which offer the group virtual sessions, group chatroom and community offerings for free, with run coaching offered at a special GirLAB rate. All members of each GirLAB season are chosen through submitted applications, available by emailing admin@runwiththelab.com.

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