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Welcome to your life. You've either just begun or you're somewhere deep in the middle. This wild adventure, that we never get to do again, begs our entire existence to be defined. But maybe it can't be. The time stamp on history that is each of our lives is a constantly changing sequence of events that makes up a story that doesn't have an end until it's over for us. It sometimes feels as if one day, far off in the future, we will get to sit and read the story of our life into eternity and celebrate its grandeur. But you knew that wasn't true as soon as you read it.

All we actually have are these short days. Days that seem to go by way too fast and are packed full of way too many responsibilities and chores, rather than epic views and wild adventure. But that's where we go wrong... The days may be short but they are many. We must do our chores but we can also PLAY. What happens when the destination becomes the journey is nothing short of enlightenment.

Desire is not enough. This thing will get away from you before you know it. The magic is in the mission. To set the wheels in motion, make a plan, it will force the adventure

It makes sense that if all we ever focus on is getting the cake, we never have time to eat it. Considering that the very essence of cake is the joy of eating it... Such an atrocity would be seemingly inexcusable. But must of us do a much better job these days of planning the "getting of" something as compared to what to do with it once we've got it. But the real problem isn't even about getting something or what to do with it, the real problem is having "getting" as the end goal! A wise man once said "Life is what happens while we are busy preparing for the future." Yeah, you guessed it, the same man wrote Imagine. RIP Lennon.

NEWS FLASH! We all die. We can take nothing along. Wealth is not attained, it is lived.

Wealth is not attained, it is lived. Your bank account wont make you immortal but it can make you a fool. If you desire big houses and lots of cars and lounging on yachts, I hope you get that for yourself. But first, think about what it means. Is it the status you crave? The power? Jet setting around the planet as a VIP can go hand in hand with the loneliness of wondering if all of your friends are bought. Point is, things aren't always what they seem to be and there are always two sides to a coin.

Before you rush off to dedicate countless hours of your short time on this earth to this potentially futile pursuit, let me offer this; the time is the wealth. You don't need ludicrous amounts of money to eat good food, fall in love, watch a sunset, laugh with friends, play with family. You simply need to recognize this as an end unto itself and begin to plan your life around that.

"Find a job you enjoy doing and you'll never have to work a day in your life" -Mark Twain

But it's never just that easy, is it? How many life altering concepts have we read about? How many of the good ideas we've heard do we really put into effect? Let's make this as simple as it is. You can't just finish reading this text and think to yourself, "Great! I will now look at the pursuit as the journey itself!" SHAZAM!! Happiness. Fulfillment. POW!

Not prudent.

I think the real takeaway is in the PLANNING. There is nothing stronger than a good plan. Even if plans fail to achieve the original outcome they succeed in putting wheels into motion. Plan to make your next achievement the doing. Like a trek across the Himalaya. Or maybe start small and trek across a local wild land park. Or run it! Or set a professional goal like "I want to create x amount of y in the next calendar year." For the sake of it. To be a builder. To have done it. The value can be measured financially but shouldn't always have to be.

I'll end it with this: The more you do, the more you've done. The sooner you start, the further you'll go. At the end, I hope your heart is full and you are content with the things you've done. If you get this right, this is something you'll be able to nod at today or many days and years from now. We don't get to decide how long we have here but we do get to decide how we spend our time. Right now, write down something you want to do. Now PLAN it!

Cool Runnings!

- Blue Benadum

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