GirLAB - Origins

GirLAB was created out of need. A need to be supported, to be empowered, to take a stand and show the world what women can do when we come together.

For the past, the present, and the future generations.

For the women who got pulled off of race courses because “their uterus would fall out”.

For the women who paved the way to female participation in all sports, not just the ones deemed “appropriate”.

For the women who didn’t take “no” for an answer.

For the women who juggle motherhood and work, but still get out the door for a run because their dreams aren’t waiting for things to get easier.

For the women who love to move their bodies because it’s a reminder that we are more than our looks.

For the women who battled eating disorders and misinformed coaches and quit as a result.

For the girls who worry that being strong will scare the boys.

For the girls who don’t have female coaches to turn to when they need them.

For the girls who aren’t told they can do whatever they set their minds to.

For the girls who aren’t told their dreams can become reality if they want it bad enough.

For all women - past, present and future generations. For women of all races, all backgrounds, all ages. We are here because, and for, you. Strong as individuals, collectively we are a force. If we want to change the game, it’s up to us to write new rules - because we won’t settle.

Photo by Christian Brecheis



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