Beginnings by Coach Stowe

In the beginning....

The beginning of any endeavor is often daunting. You’re struck with an odd excitement, that often overlays ignorance and a lack of real understanding for what is to come or maybe what you’re even doing. You’re doing it... but the knowledge base isn’t fully present.

I’m writing this from the Armory Track and Field center in NYC. As I watch 100+ high school athletes partaking in open training hours. Each one of these athletes is beginning. They have no idea what the next weeks, months, or years of running hold.

They are excited to be in the facility.

They are excited to run fast...

But, by no means to they understand the necessary blend of science and nature they will need to come to embody, to continue and fully live this journey.

But how could they... they are kids? Fresh & new.

They probably saw a sign up sheet for track posted on the school wall.

Many of them might just be trying to check off a Physical Education requirement.

Maybe one of their friends is running track... maybe the girl or guy they are interested in is running. There might be the select few, that have already found the intrinsic love for the smell of smoke from the starters gun and the desire to taste the saltiness of the sweat that soaks you during strides before even beginning a workout.

This odd & often ignorant excitement, isn’t only experienced by high school runners.

I see this in every running community I step into. Everyone beginning for their own reasons.

The many runners, old and new looking for direction, in pursuit of that perfect balance when the science and nature come together.

When you’re seeing increased fitness and finding greater happiness.

When you are running full of heart.

Where am I going with this?

Well I wanted to paint a picture of beginnings for you. The armory is where Run with The Lab kicked off when it expanded to NYC. Therefore, I wanted to come back to that beginning.

Back to the recognition of why we started here and what we are about.

We are about serving that beginning. We are about bringing the knowledge, the science to the old and new athlete who is looking for direction. For the person who is excited to grow and change and evolve as an athlete, but is potentially feeling stuck. We’re here to move you, to answer your questions.

What pace should I run?

What percentage of interval work ought to be done to do to develop; aerobic capacity, anaerobic capacity, anaerobic power, decrease ground contact time…

What is the purpose of this?

As coaches here at The Lab, we recognize the impact of attention to these details in training.

The necessity of them to cultivating that love of running. To create freedom in the sport. That love and freedom that comes through devotion to the process and the journey. We recognize that that love develops when you are seeing growth and understanding what you’re doing.

For us, running has always and will always be about more.

It’s about running, but it is about life.

In the end we recognize that it is not about how far you have run, but it’s about how you have loved. Here is the thing though- that when you have loved. When you have fallen in love with the sport, you tend to run further, and faster.

You then are also able to love those around you better.

Again, where am I going with this?

I guess I’m sharing and proclaiming the responsibility that we see to you all.

To the sport, and too serving the world around us through coaching.

It’s so much more than just running fast, it’s about falling in love with growth and the process of evolution.

In the beginning...

Personally, I had no idea that this would be what running held for me.

Thankfully, I had some incredibly wise leaders direction spoken over me and guiding me athletically.

As I sit and watch the athletes at the armory and see those in the running community, I think about the honor of coaching and it’s immense responsibility and how lucky I am are to be doing what I love in providing this community with a service that has so deeply impacted me.

Final coaches note, I encourage you to engage the process and growth…

Reflect on what you need and where you are in your beginning…

and let us know where we can serve!

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