Run With The Lab was founded by Blue and Cassidy Benadum in 2017 to bring elite level coaching and training experiences to everyday athletes.


Coach Blue, Nike Running's Head Coach in LA, is running passion at it's purest. He's been coaching marathoners for over a decade but running most of his life. Over the years of obsessing the science of the sport, he's continually unlocking new levels of performance for the athletes he coaches using mechanics makeovers and individualized programming usually only seen on the elite level. Blue's real passion lies in the constant pursuit of adventure and running as a natural way to keep exploring, reaching new places and sharing experiences with good people.


The lab was created to combine the latest science with human nature, that wild spirit and sense of adventure that keeps us all searching.

In New York City we are proud to have Rebeka Stowe coaching. Rebeka is an elite steeplechase runner with a comprehensive understanding of running mechanics, program design and integrating strength into runners' training. As important as all of her technical skill, is her ability to speak to the heart and soul of what it really means to be a runner and an athlete and then intertwine her inspirations into the daily life and normal schedules of everyday runners. Rebeka also coaches for Nike Running in NYC!

Back on the west coast we're happy to have elite distance runner, Omar Gonzalez on our coaching team. Previously coached by Fernando Cabada, Omar has a deep understanding of program design and works closely with Coach Blue on insuring the lab stays on the cutting edge of methodology. Omar and Blue share a passion for the methodologies of Renato Canova are consider themselves lifelong students of the sport of running.

Tying it all together is Boss Cass! Cassidy Benadum, Junior Olympic swimmer turned runner, is the glue at the lab. She connects all of our athletes with the tools they need, when they need them. She is the first touch point with our athletes and remains in constant communication between the runners and the coaches so there are no gaps in communication. It is one of the most effective details of our operations here at RWTL. When she's not directing everything at the lab and raising the little brothers Benadum, she's breaking records herself in the running world (2019 *Course Record Holder* The Speed Project- Team Tempo). 

We all love running. But we love sharing it just as much. 

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