Blue Benadum was born and raised in Durango, Colorado, USA. Roaming and running the high peaks of the Rocky Mountains fueled Blue’s passion for adventure and a life in the great outdoors. At 21 years old, Blue moved from the mountains to the beach to pursue a legacy of his father’s, surfing. While living and surfing in Malibu, Blue was introduced to the marathon at 26 years old and a new seed was planted. 13 years later, his passion for chasing faster times and better ways, has grown beyond just being an athlete into race directing and coaching. Blue coached High School Track and Field and XC, founded the Malibu Marathon (directing the race for the first 5 years) and co-founded the epic race from LA to Las Vegas known as THE SPEED PROJECT. He is currently Nike+ Run Club Head Coach in LA and works with many of LA’s top athletes, Nike’s celebrity clientele and on all things RUNNING in the west. Blue and his wife Cassidy founded RWTL to coach athletes globally looking for that edge. Blue specializes in running mechanics and takes a bold approach to program design with his athletes. Always running, always creating, Blue is known for having endless energy and leading by example. For more with Coach Blue: follow on IG @blue_benadum and get audio coached through speed workouts in the Audio Guided Runs function on the Nike+ Run Club App.

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