Blue Benadum was born and raised in Durango, Colorado, USA. Roaming and running the high peaks of the Rocky Mountains fueled Blue’s passion for adventure and a life in the great outdoors. At 21 years old, Blue moved from the mountains to the beach to pursue a legacy of his father’s, surfing.


While living and surfing in Malibu, Blue was introduced to the marathon at 26 years old and a new seed was planted. 14 years later, his passion for chasing faster times and better ways, has grown beyond just being an athlete into race directing and coaching. Blue coached High School Track and Field and XC, founded the Malibu Marathon (directing the race for the first 5 years), co-founded the epic race from LA to Las Vegas known as THE SPEED PROJECT and has coached marathoners since 2009.


From 2014 to 2020 Blue redefined running culture in LA as the Nike+ Run Club Head Coach, where he worked with many of LA’s top athletes, Nike’s celebrity clientele and on all things RUNNING in the west.


In 2017, Blue and his wife Cassidy founded Run With The Lab to coach athletes globally looking for that edge. Blue is currently at the helm here at THE LAB and leads all things coaching, consulting and brand development. He specializes in running mechanics and takes a bold approach to program design, heavily influenced by his time working with Nate Jenkins using Renato Canova's methods. Always running, always creating, Blue is known for having endless energy and leading by example. For more with Coach Blue: follow on IG @blue_benadum 


When you get to know Cassidy, it's clear to see the reason she's known as Boss Cass. 

She not only co-founded Run With The Lab, she's been the glue that held it all together from day one. From behind the scenes work to leading inspirational group discussions to designing training programs to running and racing to set a course record on the all women's team in The Speed Project... she's a natural PRO!


But... That's not all that makes Cassidy special.

She has a passion that is unrivaled. When she cares about something, all of that razor sharp intellect, life experience, countless hours of study and creative genius GO TO WORK!! This is when special things happen. This is how things like her creation, GirLAB, seem to appear out of nowhere and change the world!


Cassidy's passion is for people. She truly cares for the people she coaches. She loves RUNNING and the running world is a better place everytime she touches it.


Coach Omar has been competing through the ranks of elite running for well over the past decade. A firm believer that advanced training philosophy, program design and methodology should be accessible to all runners, his passion lies in unlocking each runner’s potential and helping him or her achieve it. A natural born competitor, he’s constantly challenging himself and most recently set the TSP record with team BRS.


Omar's current goal is to bridge the gap between social and competitive running in order to build a running community where the lifestyle and experiences can be shared together.


A native Kansan, Rebeka attended the University of Kansas, competing and acting as captain of the Track and Cross Country teams during her time there, training under the direction of Coach Michael Whittlesey.. While at Kansas Stowe completed her BS in Health & Physical Education. On the track she was honored as Female Scholar Athlete of the Year, eared a Big XII Title in the Steeplechase, was a three time All-American and 2012 Olympic Trials Qualifier in the Steeplechase. Following her tenure at KU, Rebeka packed her bags and headed for the east coast to pursue her athletic dreams, and after three years of running with the New Jersey New York Track Club, advised by Coach Frank Gagliano and Tommy Nohilly, Rebeka decided to stay out East and pursue her career as a coach. She is still training with the guidance of Coach Jason Vigilante, in hopes of qualifying back to the 2020 Olympic Trials in the Steeplechase.  Rebeka is a 7 time US Outdoor Championship qualifier in the Steeplechase.


Rebeka began pursuing her coaching career upon her move East, in the New Jersey and New York area. She currently works with runners with various backgrounds, ages and aspirations. Both individually and as a coach with Nike Running in New York City.


Outside of running she enjoys new experiences, traveling, meeting new people, listening to music, and reading a good book over a cup of coffee.


Running has been used as the vehicle and catalyst for growth in her life, she says, "It has taken me places, physically, emotionally, and spiritually that I may not have gone without the desire of my heart to excel and do well by her running. My philosophical approach to running is that it is holistic therapy, a means to gain greater wellness and joy in day to day life." Her hope is to share this with same philosophy and pursuit of growth with the athletes she coaches.

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